Awarding guidelines

The QUL e.V. guidelines

A. Prerequisites and Conditions

  1. The certificate of the Quality Association for Environmentally Friendly Latex Mattresses e.V. (QUL e.V.) serves to distinguish environmentally friendly mattresses (finished products and/or materials) for the end user.
  2. Products must fulfill all criteria in order to be distinguished. The criteria are decided by the members’ meeting.
  3. The certificate can only be awarded to members of the QUL. It is awarded on the basis of the research reports, for a period of one year.
  4. Upon receipt of the certificate, the member automatically subjects itself to the duty to disclose its ware flows to the auditor named by the management.
  5. The certificate may only be used for the tested mattress type. If the same material is used for other mattress types, it may only be expanded in this manner if no untested materials are used.
  6. If a manufacturer or supplier changes his supply source during the validity period, the person named by the management for the certification process must be notified immediately, and corresponding tests of the new material must be provided.
  7. The sampling protocol and the testing report are parts of the certificate.

B. Test criteria

  1. The tests for the QUL certificate include chemical testing and mechanical testing as well as ware flow control.
  2. The parameters of chemical testing serve the purpose of proving freedom from residues of substances which may endanger health. This must be carried out annually.
  3. The mechanical testing serves the purpose of proving quality and durability of mattresses. Test reports in accordance with DIN EN 1957 for mattress cores and sandwich mattressess referred to in the certificate will be acknowledged. The certificate has to be renewed every three years.
  4. The ware flow controls serve to prove that the certificate is used solely for the tested materials.
  5. The criteria are determined by the members’ meeting. The procedure is regulated by the management.
  6. The currently valid testing parameters are contained in the information leaflet of QUL testing criteria.
  7. All information regarding certification is documented with the executive member of management.

C. Procedure

  1. Chemical testing is done by one of the connected laboratories in the experts’ committee of the QUL or by an institute which is selected by the management.
  2. The mechanical test is carried out at the LGA in Nuremberg, the epH Dresden or the HF Austria according to DIN EN 1957 or the corresponding Austrian standard.
  3. Ware flow controls are carried out by an independent person who is named by management. This person is obligated to maintain secrecy.
  4. Ware flow controls are carried out in samples taken twice annually from specific certificate holders who are selected by the members in a letter vote.
  5. Samples are taken by an independent person. A protocol must be made of the sampling process.
  6. The application for certification must be made informally with the executive management. The person taking the samples sends sufficiently large material samples to one of the named laboratories. The research reports are verified and archived with the executive management. When all documents are complete and all requirements are fulfilled, the numbered document is provided to the member.


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