What is important during sleep

What is important during sleep?

Sleep disturbances, back pain, feeling of cold or heat buildup, restless thoughts ... many of us look for relief in sleeping tablets, miracle drugs or the repairing arts of medicine.

But sleeping can be very simple. Deep, restoring sleep requires a bed which is tailored to your personal requirements. Healthy sleep cannot be “produced”. One can only give oneself up to it – and keep away everything which disturbs it.
An orthopedically sensible mattress must optimally bear your body at any weight and in any position and permit the spinal column to lie in the anatomically correct position – so that nothing will disturb you.

What is needed is a harmonic, friendly atmosphere in the sleeping room, a life-friendly sleep ambience of natural, metal-free materials which contain as few contaminants as possible: Mattresses, blankets and slats as clean, flexible and simple as nature. And the consequence: as relaxing as nature. Only in this way can we really sleep our way to health, and gain new strength for living.

What disturbs the sleep climate?

Metals near the bed may negatively influence health, particularly ins sensitive persons. Metals can act as antennae for natural and technically related electromagnetic fields, such as those triggered by electrical devices and cabling. They may also distort the earth’s natural magnetic field, which is important for us.

What else should you note?

Natural latex mattresses are extremely robust and insensitive. You can do the following to help them keep the valuable sleep characteristics of their natural materials:

Let the mattress air out as long as possible after every sleep phase.
Avoid intensive sunlight exposure (UV radiation) directly onto the mattress.
Turn or flip the mattress from time to time.
Vacuum the mattress with reduced suction power (cushion setting).
Mattress cushions (under-bed) made from natural fibers can absorb a lot of moisture and lend your mattress additional longer life. Here, too, the following applies: Good ventilation improves the sleep climate.


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