Natural Latex - an exceptional sustainable raw material

Why natural latex is such a perfect material for mattresses

Depending on their structure, natural latex mattresses are soft to moderately firm, and regulate heat and moisture. Natural latex has an antiseptic effect which largely keeps bacteria and dust mites away, and is recyclable.

These characteristics which unite natural latex with some other natural materials are completed by a special feature: Millions of tiny air chambers make natural latex cushions tirelessly point elastic. This means: The mattress yields exactly at those points where weight is applied, even at the slightest pressure. If the sleeping person changes their position, the pressure points immediately spring back into their original position.

In milling tests developed by the Regional Trade Institution of Bavaria to test durability and loss of springiness in mattresses, natural latex mattresses did extremely well.

The unusually good point elasticity of natural latex provides ideal support to every part of the body. This provides an especially comfortable sensation when lying down. The resting person does not perceive the high supporting ability of natural latex as “hardness”, but as adaptable counter-pressure.

The movement of the sleeping person creates a permanent air exchange, which also conducts away the moisture which is produced during sleep. A prerequisite for this air circulation is correct positioning of the mattress on a suitable bed frame. Aside from innumerable open pores, many vertical air channels further harmonize the climate of the mattress. In this way, the natural latex mattress advances a positive sleep climate.


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